E-commerce Coaching

"Cash flow worries, stock shortages, product faults, 6 figures in debt, cancelled merchant accounts, banned from email software, failing technology, crooked developers and selling an unknown product in the most competitive market in the world...

But I still believe the e-commerce business is the ultimate business to run right now!"
After all that crap, why would anyone want to stay in this business?

As you've probably realised, the world of E-commerce is not an easy ride

And having consulted with many marketers who've switched to ecomm, started brands, or by accident found themselves selling physical products, these problems are more common than you think.

Over the last 6 years I've navigated through all these challenges, and yet STILL absolutely love the business.

And hopefully you do to?
"No Gimmicks, No Bullshit!"
"The way he helped us segment our audience to maximise our revenue was mind blowing"
- Adam Gethin
"1000's of Extra Revenue Every Month"
"The information I learned has literally transformed my business"
- David Wilkinson
I rarely make available any spots for coaching for e-commerce professionals, and only on very few days of the year do I offer my 1 day business consultancy sessions.

But right now I've got space for 4 coaching clients.

And just TWO business consultancy days

But it's likely you don't even qualify for my coaching?

Here's the specifics... 
  • No Start Ups: Whilst everyone has to start from somewhere, you'll no get the benefit of my coaching if you've not started your business yet
  •  £/$/€ 1000 Sales: My absolute minimum is you've sold at least 1000 dollars/pounds/euros of product.
  • No Biz Ops: Should go without saying, you should be in this for the long run... it's not about selling TeeSpring, Fidget spinners or pet rocks
  •  3 Months Minimum: Most success is NOT overnight, yes we can get fast results, but mostly it's about implementing systems that take a few months to bear fruit!
If any of that cancels you out, thanks for looking, hopefully you can come back when we're a better fit!

If you're still here, great!

Lets get down to brass tacks...
Monthly CoACHINg
Billed Monthly
  • 60 minute Call Every 2 Weeks
  • My Full Email Marketing System
  • Amazon Merchant Set Up
  • Complimentary Access to SMO
  • Minimum of THREE Months
  • 4 Places Available
1 Day Consultancy
Come To Scotland
  • Spend a day at my office
  • Finding your biggest growth opportunities
  • Access to all my systems
  • We go on as long as you take it!
  • Only TWO Available
1 WEEK Consultancy
I'll Fly To You!
  • Anywhere in the world to spend 5 days with you and your team
  • Complete overhaul of your ecommerce business
  • Perfect for those looking to grow beyond 7 Figures
  • By Application Only
    email tim@timgoodwin.eu
About Tim Goodwin
If you told me 10 years ago if I'd be selling 100's of thousands of pounds worth of supplements through the internet, I would have first laughed, then told you to politely f--- off!

A couple of reasons...

1. It had never crossed my mind to apply my skills to PHYSICAL products.

2. I assumed that the start up costs were well beyond my reach

3. The margins seemed to be tiny, in comparison to selling services, or selling information

4. *** MOST importantly *** I didn't believe in supplements 10 years ago!
What Changed?
An Internet marketing conference in Austin 6 years ago changed my mind about physical products.

This combined with an opportunity to partner with someone to start a supplement business with a very unique product.

Starting as a side hustle, it quickly grew to being the sole focus of my attention.

Besides being a premium product in a traditionally price sensitive niche, it's a brand that has captured customer loyalty and high repeat purchase rates from our unique approach to marketing.

Greg Williams  - Autoimmune Institute

"I've been working with Tim over the past year and he has been instrumental in helping me to grow my supplement / ecommerce business (which has more than tripled in size in the past 12 months). 

My business is now much more automated, has wider range of products, and the marketing side of the business, in particular, functions much more effectively because of the help Tim has provided. He has also been able to help a lot with moving my business website over to Shopify, and helping me get my products selling on Amazon. 

He has saved me so much time, has a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share, is extremely friendly and helpful at all times, and is really easy to talk to. I am genuinely so grateful for all that he has helped me with. "

Sophie Iceton  - Marketking Media

"Our marketing agency works with large supplement brands and personalities in the fitness space. The success of our campaigns relies heavily on being able to deploy effective social media campaigns, scaling them to maximise profit. 

Tim Goodwin has mentored me for many years, and even with my existing skill-set I still rely upon him as my "go to" person for guidance with regular coaching calls. This helps keep me focused and improves the results of my clients which means our business thrives. 

I cannot convey in words how Tim's help over the years has quite literally changed our lives for the better. He is always there to help, nothing is ever too much and his words of wisdom always fills me confidence. We will always be indebted to Tim for his support and guidance." 
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