Do NOT Cut Anything Else From Your Diet.
The Secrets Of Pineapples, Papaya, Ginger Root, Kefir and German Cabbage And How They Can STOP Your Painful Bloating
"I'd run out of things to cut out of my diet
and I was STILL bloated, uncomfortable and lacked confidence in my body"

Sound familiar?

If you've suffered with bloating, you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

You eat something, and you get bloated.

So you mentally tick off that food, and cut it out of your diet.

Problem solved... But then you still get bloated.

You keep cutting out more and more foods until there's NOTHING left to cut out.

You feel trapped, it's like playing russian roulette with food. You have no idea what is going to set off your bloating this time.

How many more days off work will your boss tolerate.

How many more dinner parties will end early, because you think you're gonna explode.

However, rather than cutting yet more foods from your diet, its likely your diet is MISSING something that will help combat your bloating.

If you're suffering from bloating, you are NOT alone. According to research by UNC medical school Abdominal bloating effects up to 30% of people. 

Although its likely that figure is much higher with a large number of people suffering in silence, covering themselves up on a daily basis. 

I'm going to reveal some pretty horrifying facts about the causes of bloating, including some common strategies you're probably trying right now, strategies that are probably making your bloating problem much worse.

What might shock you is, bloating can be solved with a very simple, but relatively unknown, strategy.

If you've struggled with bloating in the past, take daily medication to reduce the effects and you're worried that over the counter remedies may be causing you more problems than they solve, you're in the right place.

There IS a permanent solution, which doesn't involve drastic dietary restriction, or pounding your body with ineffective pharmaceutical drugs.

How Your Gut Is Literally Making You Miserable...

Having personally suffered for years, with regular days off work, missed social occasions and the frustration at not knowing the root cause, I've now created calm in my gut where once there was pain.

After leaving University and straight in to a desk job, I'd never been so inactive. The job wasn't great, in fact it was pretty awful, my food habits changed and my sleep patterns became erratic. The worst part was the weekly gut-wrenching pain I'd suffer, which would leave me doubled over in pain.

It was embarrassing for a twenty something guy. What I didn't know then was I'd suffer for almost 15 years before TRUELY finding the solution.

During those years I was extremely miserable, utterly lost what foods to eat, and a constant battle with fluctuating weight gain and loss.

Yeah, obvious I know, but as I discovered, there is a REAL link between gut health and your mood. In medical circles, your gut is known as the "2nd brain" producing MORE serotonin (the happy hormone) than your brain.

So it’s not just that a compromised gut makes you feel bad – it literally prevents you from being happy.

This LINK is super important as I'll show you later

Whilst your bloating issue on the surface may be something you think is JUST related to the food you eat, it is often caused by many other factors.

All factors that you have the power to control with some simple habitual changes.

Why Common, Over-The-Counter Remedies Are Making Your Bloating Worse

The most common way we deal with bloating is reaching for some Antacids or Indigestion tablets, right? 

Indigestion tablets and Antacids are a multi-million pound a year industry. Unfortunately most of these over the counter solutions are simply masking the root cause and are no better than a sticking plaster.

Many people end up taking them on a daily basis for literally months at a time.

Long term use of these medications can adversely effect the health of your liver, making you more prone to more serious ailments.

These remedies do a fantastic job of patching you up fast so you can get on with your day (or so the adverts say). But if you're even vaguely interested in your long term health, you know its a strategy that can't be healthy.

Especially if you suffer on a weekly, or even daily basis.

And you'd be correct. 

Overuse of Antacids is a problem. Your stomach actually requires some levels of acid, this is to help in digestion. Remove the acids and your body can't digest proteins, which then creates toxins in your intestines, creating pain and reaching for more antacid medication.

A vicious cycle.

This damage to your stomach CAN be fixed, but first something else may be causing your bloating

High Fibre Diets Add Fuel To Your Burning Gut

Time to burn some more sacred cows... 

Not the nicest of subjects but many people believe their poor toilet habits, bloating and IBS like symptoms are due to LACK of fibre.

And you may think that increasing your fibre intake is the solution.

It's a long held belief that a diet high in fibre is a good thing (which it is). But overdosing on fibre may very well be ADDING to your bloating problems, not solving it.

If your gut is filled with pathogenic bacteria and/or yeast and fungi (the stuff that causes bloating for many people), fibre will actually make your symptoms WORSE not better. 

Fibre will FEED intestinal bacteria good or bad. So, if your bowels are packed with the bad kind it'll make whatever gut health problems you have EVEN worse.

Is Your Raw Food Diet A Contributory Factor?

Did you know that a cow has TWO stomachs?

One to digest proteins and a second one that aids in the digestion of the raw grass it consumes all day.

A diet which contains raw foods can be extremely beneficial. The cleansing and detoxing capabilities of raw food are second to none. However raw food by itself for long periods can cause the very problems you are experiencing.

The human digestive system isn't designed to break down raw foods, unlike cows we only have one stomach, and that is designed to break down nutrients from animal products. 

Even a seemingly healthy plant based diet can be nutrient deficient. If you're a raw food vegan, or even if you're a bit of a salad junky you may very well be challenging your digestive system too much, with much of your food left unprocessed as it passes through your intestines.

There is a place for raw fruit and vegetables, to aid in cleansing and detoxing, whilst the cooked is useful for feeding and nourishing us.

What Can I Do?

It seems that more and more people have food intolerances or have some adverse reaction to all manner of foods.

Yes, food intolerances or IBS can cause problems with your gut, but they’re not the most common reason by a long shot.

The reactions manifest as bloating and IBS like symptoms.

But, for many, the problem may simply be a damaged gut or a lack of enzymes to effectively digest the foods you're consuming. 

Both these problems can be fixed with some simple lifestyle changes, supplementation and dietary changes.

Time To Take Back Control Over Your Gut And The Confidence That Brings

This is the part where you take back control of your uncomfortable bloating problems. What follows is the 5 Part strategy to ridding yourself of gut wrenching pain once and for all.

Imagine not waking up with that tightness in your gut, just knowing you'll stand up and feel instantly buckled and doubled over in pain.

Discover the freedom to wear whatever clothes you want. Not having to hide under the tent-like tops anymore

Never needing to unbutton your jeans after your favourite foods ever again.

And, never miss another social occasion because your body refuses to play ball.

The Five 'S' Strategy

You don't need to do ALL 5 S's. I'd strongly encourage you to try all of them. Each one ties in to each other and the multiplication effect of achieving all of them will change your life!

  • Stop Feeding The Bloat - Remove the foods that feed the bad gut bacteria
  • Start Replacing Digestive Enzymes - Repair and replenish the gut
  • Stress Less - Remove external stressors, that stop you digesting food naturally
  • Sleep More - Consistent, high quality sleep allows for proper growth and repair
  • Supplement - Speed up this whole process with key natural supplementation
Become Bloat FREE In Five Easy S's
  • Stop Feeding The Bloating: Remove Fibre From Your Diet (short term) - Whilst this seems counter-intuitive, your high fibre diet may be FEEDING the pathogenic bacteria that is causing your bloating. Cut out as much fibre from your diet for the next few weeks.
  • Start Replacing Digestive Enzymes: Fermented Foods - Probably one of the best kept secrets of Asian cultures. They regularly consume fermented foods, such as Kefir, Sauerkraut, and Kimchee. When fermented they're packed full of good natural probiotics and digestive enzymes. Don't go mad though, with fermented foods there is such as thing as too much of a good thing!
  • Stress Less - I know everyone says to reduce stress, and I get stressed when folk tell me to chill out... But this is where our Gut-Brain link is most prominent.

    High stress levels stimulate the flight or fight response. Normally only designed for short periods, many people are at a constant high level of stress, every day. During fight or flight, your body stops producing the chemicals designed to help in the digestion of foods.

    Eat when you are relaxed and not engaging in stressful activities. So get away from your desk for lunch. Turn off the news whilst eating breakfast and dinner (there's nothing remotely interesting on the news anyway) 
  • Sleep More - Closely linked to the stress thing. Lack of sleep heightens the production of cortisol, the same chemical produced during fight or flight.

    Also, eating just before bed can mean you are sleeping on a full stomach, and your body does very little digestion during the dark hours. So get your last meal in at least 2 hours before bed to allow for proper digestion.
  • Supplement: The Accelerators - Whilst the first 4 steps are great, you want rid of your bloating problems as FAST as possible right?

    And studies have shown that if you’re looking for quick relief, there are non-drug supplements with the power to deflate that bloating feeling three times as fast.  
Discover The One Supplement Women's Health Magazine Described As "The Bloat Banisher"
Lean Greens - Supergreens Powder

Commonly known as those weird looking greens drinks celebs are seen sipping on.

We've designed Lean Greens with you in mind, and the number one piece of feedback we get from our customers is it's anti-bloating properties. And how much it has changed their lives.

We even got described by Women's Health magazine, no less, as the Bloat Banisher. April 2015 issue.

So What Is It?

Probably the most common question we get, is "What Is It?"

To put as simply as possible, its a bunch of raw dehydrated fruit and vegetables, that is freeze-dried in to a powder, ready to be mixed with cold water in to a palatable drink.

It'll gives you the cleansing and detoxing capabilities of the raw food we talked about above, but more importantly it also contains our secret blend of digestive enzymes, designed to repair and nourish your entire digestive system...


What It's Not.

To start with, we'd NEVER recommend skipping out real food for a shake. Those 'meal-replacement' shakes are not creating health, just nutrient deficiencies.

We know that a combination of cooked fruit and vegetables, as well as raw foods creates the perfect storm of cleansing, detoxing as well as feeding and nourishing.

There is NO replacement for a decent diet, and you can make the game MUCH easier by getting a bunch of nutrient rich vegetables in just one shot of Lean Greens.

So What Does Lean Greens Do For My Bloating?
Unique Digestive Enzyme Blend

Your body wants and craves nutrients from animal proteins, fruits and vegetables. But if it can't digest them, they are pushed through to your gut undigested, where they sit and rot, creating gas and toxins...

You may be consuming a seemingly perfect diet, but still becoming bloated.

The main problem with other Greens drinks on the market is they miss one vital piece of the puzzle.

Digestive Enzymes. 

Lean Greens includes a unique mix of Protease, Lipase, Lactase, Amylase, Cellulase and Bromelain...

Sure, it sounds like the contents of Walter White’s RV, but this stuff is VITAL for proper gut function.

Each enzyme is designed to help top up the missing elements from your diet. They are essential to aid in the fast digestion of foods, undigested food being the primary cause of your bloating.

Where Do These Enzymes Come From?

Typically your body should produce these enzymes naturally. But as we get older our natural production gets reduced. And our enzyme 'bank' is depleted by eating lots of refined sugars, fats and additives.

There ARE sources of enzymes in the foods we consume, however, our modern processed diet does little to replenish the digestive enzymes.

You can get the enzyme Bromelain, for example, from pineapples. But its likely the last time you had a pineapple was in a Pina Colada right?

There's a whole host of digestive enzymes, in kefir, a type of fermented milk. Primarily the enzyme lactase, which is extremely beneficial if you suffer from any type of lactose intolerance.

The german cabbage, sauerkraut, is the fermented version of cabbage. Known for its amazing gut lining repair capabilities, containing a whole host of different enzymes.

However adding these in to your normal daily diet is NOT easy. Except with a simple scoop of Lean Greens each morning to top up your digestive enzyme bank EVERY day.

The Hidden Benefits Of Lean Greens

Whilst Lean Greens primary benefits are based around its bloat-reducing properties, you'll probably see other changes to your health as well.

Reduced Cravings. Once your digestive system starts to function better, you'll find that your cravings reduce significantly, or disappear completely. With a system that can absorb and utilise ALL the nutrients you are taking in, the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls hunger) becomes satisfied.

Hence no more cravings

Reduce Toxic Load & Acid Reflux. With our diets rapidly becoming more and more synthetic, processed foods our entire digestive system becomes progressively more toxic.

The primary reason we created Lean Greens was to aid in detoxification. Lean Greens is an alkalising product, designed to help eliminate toxins from your entire body. When you reduce your toxic load, you get all manner of benefits, including more energy, less illness, improved bowel function, and significantly reduced bloating.

Improved Bowel Function. Within a few short weeks, as your digestive system starts to function normally, the process of eliminating waste will become more healthy. 

Instead of undigested food reaching gut, you'll start to notice more consistent and solid stools. The best sign of a healthy gut.

Less Body Fat. Lean Greens is NOT designed as a weight loss supplement. However, the natural side-effect of a healthier body is your body holding on to LESS body fat. 

If you've had trouble with stubborn body fat, that refuses to shift despite low-calorie diets, seemingly perfect diets, then Lean Greens and its digestion fixing formula may well make these problems go away.

So What About The Taste?

Yes, greens look like stagnant Pond Water. And your biggest fear is probably the taste. I get it.

If you've tried any other greens, wheatgrass or spirulina based drink you'll know how AWFUL they taste. Having sampled pretty much every greens drink on the market today, I'll tell you right now, there are STILL some that give me a gag reflex just thinking about them.

Then there's the texture. Gritty, bitty, gunky with an awful froth. You'd be forgiven for requesting a knife and fork to 'consume' some of the others.

And finally the smell. Holding your nose being a requisite for seeing through a portion of greens. 

And its for these very reasons we set out to create something VERY different.

99% of the population do not want to SUFFER for their health. More importantly like you, I don't want to suffer for my health. If I'm gonna take something every day, it actually has to taste nice!

I know, you're with me on this right?

Lean Greens is a very different type of Greens, THIS one actually tastes pretty good. Now it's not exactly a chardonnay, but you'll NOT need to hold your nose, or hold off a gag-reflex to drink it.

The taste and smell is neutral, the texture is smooth and easily blended with your smoothies and juices.

In fact we're SO confident you'll find Lean Greens easy to consume, we've set an unprecedented guarantee. If you don't like taste we'll give you your money back. I don't know of ANY other greens drink that has this!

How To Get Lean Greens For Less Than The Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee Per Day And Our 60 Day Guarantee To Fix Your Bloating
Lean Greens 500g (30 Day Supply)
  • Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Chlorella
  • Broccoli, Spinach & Carrot
  • Blackcurrant & Blueberry
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend, Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea

...OR even get your tub for FREE

The cost of those Over-The-Counter remedies from your local pharmacy add up pretty quick. And if like me you've got a medicine cabinet of partially unused products that NEVER lived up to the hype and marketing, that cost is a painful one to swallow.

This is where Lean Greens is different. Break down your investment in Lean Greens and it works out to less than a small cup of coffee from Nero's or Costa

The 100% Bloat FREE 60 Day Guarantee. 

We want you to experience the benefits of Lean Greens without ever feeling like you've been conned in to buying it. We know there's plenty of Snake Oil salesmen out there looking to con you out of cash... that's not us.

By now, you'll see that we are pretty transparent about Lean Greens.

We know that when you reach the bottom of your first tub of Lean Greens, on average our clients will continue to invest in it month after month.

We know its great, but I genuinely want you to suspend belief UNTIL you start seeing results. And that comes from taking Lean Greens consistently for at least 14 days. (one of the reasons we don't do sample sachets)

If within 60 days of purchasing you decide you simply can't stomach the taste, or think the product has NOT lived up to your expectations we insist that you send an email to Leanne to claim your refund. support @

Even if you've used up the whole tub and on day 59 you contact us we'll honour the refund.

Sound like a fair deal Yes?

Still NOT Convinced? Checkout Some Of The Feedback From Our Amazon Listing...

Results Not Typical. All discussion about results on this website are based on individual findings where each circumstance is completely unique and may not be similar or the same as you. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor.

Cooling Off Period
You have 7 days from the receipt of your Lean Greens to cancel your order and request a full refund. You must contact us at with notice that you wish to cancel within 7 days. We’ll then provide you with an address to return the complete and un-opened package. You then have 30 days to return the package. The refund is completed once the package has arrived at the specified address. Please note that you must pay for return shipping costs incurred. 

Damaged Packages If your tub of Lean Greens arrives with a broken seal, or a damaged casing then please contact We’ll provide you with an address to return the damaged package so we can re-ship a new tub to you. We’ll reimburse or credit your account for the shipping costs for your return .

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