OCR Players Club
OCR Players Club
Strength, Endurance, Skills
Join the premier Facebook OCR club for expert coaching, challenges and community

Expert coaching from OCR Pro coach Sam Winkworth
Weekly and monthly challenges to keep you progressing between races
Join a friendly and supportive community to motivate you to success
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The Training Plans
Each month Sam will provide training plans to the club. Coach to the elite athletes, age groupers and OCR enthusiasts you'll be sure to benefit from a plan that'll dramatically boost your performances come race day
The Challenges
OCR's love a challenge. It's why we do this sport. Sam will set you strength, endurance and skill based challenges to keep you motivated between races.
The Resources
We'll bring in the elite level athletes to interview, get their training and race preparation guides and checklists. Add to that member exclusive discounts for events, supplements and equipment.
Targeting the elite ranks, a place at the OCR worlds or just want to keep your band on race day, the Players Club is designed for your OCR success

Targeted Training Plans

Move away from the haphazard training, and have a specific plan based on running faster, scaling obstacles first time, every time and enjoying the success of your racing

Immediate Access

We deliver all the coaching, challenges and community via a private Facebook group.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access via the Facebook app or your desktop, watch the videos, Lives and all the plans anytime


training for OCR can be a lonely affair. Our community will help keep you motivated and challenged between races.
This is what early members have said about the Sam Winkworth and early Players Club access
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
“Sam helped me run the same Spartan sprint course 26 minutes quicker than I did last year! I did less burpees too!”- Orsolya Jurasz 🇭🇺
“Sam coaches me remotely through an OCR focused training plan that has made me more accountable to my goals. My runnings got faster, I’ve got stronger on obstacles & my mobility has improved too.” - James Burton 🇬🇧 AG35-39 OCR World Champion 🏆
“Sam was really motivating & really made me feel like I could crush my goals for the 2017 OCR World Championships!” - Erin Wrigglesworth 🇨🇦
“I’ve been training for over 18 months on this training system and the benefits of it is that it’s massively increased my strength as well as my running ability, enough to qualify twice for the European & OCR world championships” - Kevin O’Malley 🇮🇪 - OCR Euros & OCR Worlds qualifier 
“The training has clearly improved my grip strength. I've done specific OCR training before but I still had weaknesses in some areas and gaps which I didn't know how to fill. The training (especially the challenges!) have clearly helped to fill those gaps and there's a lot more room for improvement. Thank you Sam Winkworth 👍🏻” - Maggie Cvetkovic🇨🇭Spartan Race Ambassador & Elite Obstacle Racer
“Sam got me thinking about my overall performances and what contributes to our success and what can hinder success. We explored and improved diet, strength, conditioning, running & fatigue management but most importantly for me, it was the training our minds which benefited me the most. Sam helped me retrain my mind to believe that I could achieve all the things I wanted to. He helped phase out the self doubt, the worry, and the negativity. This was the game changer for me and with Sam's support I did qualify for the worlds, something I didn't think I could do. I also reduced my time for 5k and 10k runs significantly.

Sam’s coaching, without a doubt worked for me and I continue to use aspects of the programme in my training. Sam's knowledge and support was invaluable in preparing for qualifying races and overall performances. Thank you Sam.” - Joanne Ogogo 🇬🇧 - OCR World’s qualifier
“The training & challenges have really helped with a number of aspects of my training. The first is obstacle endurance and by that I mean improving your ability to run to, take on and run off from an obstacle even when you are feeling knackered. A proportion of the training simulates how you feel in a race, so you can improve that aspect. I found it really helped me at my recent Spartan race. The second is grip endurance as well as grip strength, which helps where you have repetitive upper body obstacles like at the Euros. In summary, these protocols are great to add to your training if you are serious about OCRs 💪👍 - Charlotte Teal 🇬🇧

“Sam helped me so much this year with my obstacle course training with my running that I exceeded my expectations and targets at the worlds. I cannot thank this guy enough. If you want to improve your OCR A game or even just improve the basics then Sams the guy.” Matt Jupp, OCR worlds qualifier, band keeper 🇬🇧
“So great results this week 2nd at xrunner against a really fast group and Pb in 5km 22:39 tonight when I did not feel like it . Pb before was 23.08” - Michelle Kehoe, Euros & Worlds Qualifier 🇬🇧
“Sams ongoing training & support helped me keep my band at the 2018 OCR world championships!”- Jon Fuller, Band keeper
OCR Players Club - Strength, Endurance, Skills
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